The overwintered kale is sprouting!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Off to the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs, PA!

If you're in the Pittsburgh area this weekend, I hope you'll pop over to the Mother Earth News Fair to say hi! I'll be speaking twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. For my schedule and that of other Storey Publishing authors, click  here! Can't wait, I hear such great things about the event.. I will be tweeting throughout the weekend, so feel free to follow my adventures on twitter - here! I plan on sharing photos and tidbits from the event.. I may even need to buy a second suitcase to bring home some awesome garden stuff!! That's the trouble with international travel, I need to limit myself.. sigh.. :)

Obviously, there will be NO weekend gardener radio show this weekend.. But, I'll be back on air next Sunday and then for our final show Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian).. so, I hope you'll tune back in for those last two shows of season 6! We'll take our winter break and be back in the spring of 2013..

On a completely unrelated note, check out my Hakeuri Japanese Turnips - they are AMAZING! Quick growing, cool weather tolerant (cold frame crop!) and super yummy.. I sowed about 50 seeds in mid-August and now we have about 50 lovely turnips - some are 2+ inches across, but not pithy at all.


  1. Those turnips look so good! I'm just getting around to sowing mine this week in zone 7a, so I hope I'm not too late, and that glazed, roasted, and pickled turnips are in my future.

  2. The Japanese turnips look great - where did you get your seed from?

  3. The turnips looks good to eat. Its so fresh and I bet organic too. I can't wait to taste it raw with dipped in soy sauce. Yum!
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